Egypt’s Dream TV network interviewed Wael Saeed Abbas Ghonim last night.  Wael is the Google marketing executive who inspired the use of social networking and technology to help organize anti-government protests in Cairo, Alexandria and elsewhere. 

Late last month, he was snatched off a street, presumably by government authorities eager to shut him up.  Last night, he shared the harrowing tale of his abduction and imprisonment — and, in defiant tones, answered charges that he is a traitor.  “We are not traitors.  We love Egypt.   ….Right now, we are in a time that if someone has good intentions, he’s made out to be a traitor.  You know why?  People think that bad is the norm.

Today, according to the New York Times, “tens of thousands of protestors have again packed in Cairo’s Tahrir Square… ‘many, many people’ had resolved to join the demonstration ‘because of what they saw on TV last night.’”

What they saw was Wael’s interview.

Good is the norm.

(via the New York Times)

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