What the FUCK is this? It’s not like Islam is the only damn thing that’s oppressing women because really, male privilege and sexism is everywhere. 

Number 1: It’s a burqa, and not all women wear it. In fact, the burqa isn’t an Islamic garment. Many women actually like to wear the burqa because they feel that it is a garment for them and no one has the right to take that away from her.

Number 2: They do not need whitebrocialists (or white women, for that matter) to liberate themselves. The savior complex is everywhere in the Western world that makes people want to save these poor oppressed brown women, but they do not need your help.

Number 3: LOL at the idea that getting a woman out of a burqa is going to liberate themselves. I do think that the patriarchy in this world allows men to be the leaders, no matter what, otherwise women would actually get the same pay as men. There wouldn’t be male privilege and slut-shaming and victim-blaming and rape culture and objectification if there wasn’t any sexism in the world. It’s so easy to say that Islam is the main reason why brown women are oppressed because every woman is in this world. I’m not going to deny that Islam does play a part in patriarchy, as every single belief institution in the world, even atheists who use cartoons and compare a burqa to a goddamn beekeepers outfit. Seriously, this is a misogynistic cartoon under the pretense of anti-theism. 

As an ex-Muslim feminist, I will encourage you to stay the fuck out of Islamic feminism because you really have no idea at all. 

^ For the commentary.

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