USA Network’s Covert Affairs Puts Out for Zionism

I watch USA Network’s Covert Affairs, despite my aversion to the real-life military-industrial-intelligence crap that spreads death and misery all over the world. A Girl Like You (Season 2, Episode 13) contained several pieces of Zionist propaganda.

  1. Israel has the best hummus.
  2. The “Golan massacre,” which Cardinal, a Yemeni terrorist, committed to derail the “peace process,” prompted Eyal Levin to leave medical school and join Mossad.

It’s bad enough that the Zionists practiced and continue to practice ethnic cleansing by expelling non-Jews from Palestine, but USA Network should not help in culinary colonialism as well by acting like Israeli Jews gave the world hummus.

Of course, the more serious problem is the portrayal of a Mossad agent as entering the world of espionage and murder as a righteous response to a terrorist attack on a “kibbutz” in the Golan Heights which resulted in the “assassination” of an Israeli soldier and the killing of 6 “Kibutzim,” including Eyal’s sister. The terrorist attack was designed to derail the “peace process.”

Of course, the only massacres in the Golan Heights in recent history have been perpetrated by the Zionists. In May and June of this year, the Israeli army killed and wounded tens of non-violent, unarmed protestors in the Golan Heights.

USA Network’s writers failed to mention that the Golan Heights is occupied territory, and the Jewish-only settlements that Apartheid Israel erects there are violations of international law.

Finally, the “peace process” is stalled because Israel wants to perpetuate Jewish supremacy over historic Palestine by denying the rights of non-Jewish refugees to reclaim the homes from which the Zionists expelled them, discriminating against the non-Jews who live in the borders of the state of Israel and practicing military occupation over millions in Gaza and the West Bank.

Do I expect my fiction TV writers to hew to reality? No, especially a show which has as its heroes Central Intelligence Agency officers. But the show should not prejudice people against Palestinians’ rights by writing in a story’s background geopolitical inaccuracies on behalf of a foreign country. And while I can forgive an American TV show being uncritical of US operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Central and South America, I don’t think that propaganda for another country is suitable for a US TV show.

So what should writers for crime and intelligence shows write about if they don’t want to repeat the lies of the Global War on Terror and Islamophobes? One track might be that of La Femme Nikita, Nikita and Burn Notice. In all of these shows, there are generic bad guys (terrorists, drug dealers, human traffickers, etc) of all nationalities, ethnicities and religions and the stories make very little pretense of corresponding with reality. More importantly, the true villains are corrupt officers within the agencies themselves. More tricky is trying to make the terrorist villains human. No really good examples come to mind of that though.

Finally, can bad guys ever learn to shoot straight and not run out from behind cover into the line of sight of good guys’ shooting at them?


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