Shock and Awe: Use our magic to get the natives to submit

The #USA #military made #racist assumption that Shock and Awe in #Iraq would lead to total surrender.

Just like some believe that the First Nations of Central America allowed the Spanish to conquer them because they thought a white god would come from the east, or that the Spaniards’ horses and guns created a mystical fear which prevented resistance, the United States believed it could use overwhelming military force (pdf) to end all resistance quickly and turn Iraq into an oil-revenue generating colony.

Since before Sun Tzu and the earliest chroniclers of war recorded their observations, strategists and generals have been tantalized and confounded by the illusive goal of destroying the adversary’s will to resist before, during, and after battle. Today, we believe that an unusual opportunity exists to determine whether or not this long-sought strategic goal of affecting the will, understanding, and perception of an adversary can be brought closer to fruition.


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