Does Use of a Valet Key Damage the Lock Cylinder in @Toyota #Camry 2001?

I periodically have trouble getting my Toyota Camry 2001 started. It starts with a “locked” steering wheel. I was told to jiggle the steering wheel while turning the ignition. This has worked each time so far, although after variable periods of delay, considerable effort, and the development of callouses on my fingers from turning the key. I used my VIN to get a new key made at the Toyota dealership. The person making my key said my old key was a valet key. I asked, “What’s that?” He said it would only open driver side door and turn ignition. I have been using it to open my trunk since I bought the car 4 years ago. It was the only key the dealer gave me. I’d never heard the term valet key before. He claimed that continued use of the valet key damages the lock cylinder. I’ve attached photos of the valet key and the new key. Can you tell by looking at the keys which is the valet key? Can anyone confirm the employee’s claims about damage to the lock cylinder?

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