…the Occupation of Palestine and Palestinians is fundamentally constructed by and through carceral politics. What is meant by ‘carceral politics’?  Basically, it’s the politics of incarceration. So, in the fact that the threat of incarceration by the Israeli State is a constant threat, and one which is constantly carried out against large segments of the Palestinian population: if you want to subdue a population, you keep them under constant threat of harassment, imprisonment, maltreatment, separation from family and friends. But it’s not just that the possibility of incarceration is ever-present (although that is fundamental to the project) but also that the length of time that one will spend incarcerated is potentially unknown, potentially unending. This is the regime of Administrative Detention. So everyone has a family member, or a close friend, who has been incarcerated under this regime. It’s literally ever-present, in a temporal and a spatial sense.

Butler made the argument that this system exists not to produce docile bodies who will willingly serve the state – as Foucault has taught us it does – but rather the system works to produce empty bodies who can be incarcerated. The carceral system is the endpoint in a system of colonisation: the colonisation is made (in large part) of the incarceration system. The Occupation rests on it.

tobybee of jew on this on the panel  “Carceral Politics in Palestine and Beyond: Gender, Vulnerability, Prison”, featuring Judith Butler, Angela Davis, and Lena Meari.  (via ourcatastrophe)

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