My First Imperialism II Victory at 200 Level Difficulty

Update: I’ve written a strategy guide based on my mastery of the game at the 400 level.

For those who don’t know it, Imperialism II is the best turn-based strategy game ever.This photo demonstrates that I won at 200 difficulty level. I’m geekily proud of myself. Not quite Usain Bolt at the 200m. Well, not even in the same galaxy. But, hey, some of you can relate.

The key which generated this map is Muvereth. I selected France as my nation.

You can download some of the game saves if you wanted to take notes! 🙂

  1. France, 1572 (slot 0)
  2. France, 1795 (slot 1)
  3. France, 1808 (slot 2)

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