Treating HIV and Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in India


Illustration: This is in Bandra again, in a slum. This is a drug-resistant TB patient with HIV as well. He was happy to have us there and let us draw him and talk to him, and the stigma wasn’t an issue for him. This is really a description of the outside of the house where he lives with his mum and his other brother. She’s raised six children here; he sleeps outside as a sort of precaution, she sleeps inside, and this is his bed which is covered up by bits of plastic bags and propped up by pillars and corrugated iron. It gives you an idea of the sort of places that [MSF’s patients] are living in, and living in when they’ve got this horrible disease. India 2013 © George Butler

MSF’s HIV/TB Project in Mumbai

MSF invited illustrator George Butler to visit our HIV and MDR-TB project in Mumbai, India to capture our activities there. He returned with images and stories of families affected by multidrug-resistant TB, their care givers, and the MSF team responsible for their treatment.


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