Georgia Iron Works in Grovetown Repeat Violator of Air-Emissions Permit

See update at end.
Comments I sent regarding Georgia Environmental Protection Division case EPD-AQC-6643. The deadline for comments is July 10, 2013. You can e-mail Mr. Bentley.
Mr. Keith M. Bentley
Air Protection Branch
4244 International Parkway, Suite 120
Atlanta, Georgia 30354
Voice: (404) 363-7000
Fax: (404) 363-7100
Dear Mr. Bentley,
I read an article today about the preparations for the fine against Georgia Iron Works (GIW) in Grovetown, GA, just to the west of my city of Augusta.
According to the article, GIW is a repeat offender. The proposed fine is only $8,000. How much does the required testing cost? If the fine is less than the cost of testing, then GIW will never do the proper testing.
Are its air emissions continuous? Can there be an injunction on all air-emissions until proper testing according to the permit is put in place?
How can I get a copy of GIW’s air-emissions permit?
Ayman Fadel
[my address and phone number]
Updated: The same day I faxed, I got a call back with instructions on how to find GIW’s permit. Go to and search on Facility Name by Georgia Iron Works.
  Total No. of Permits: 4
AIRS Number Facility Name Issuance Date Final Permit Narrative Permit Type
07300004 Georgia Iron Works 12/17/2002 3561-073-0004-V-01-1 VN-14004 Title V
07300004 Georgia Iron Works 8/8/2008 3561-073-0004-V-02-0 VN-17240 Title V
07300004 Georgia Iron Works 1/8/2001 3561-073-0004-V-01-0 VN-9023 Title V
07300004 Georgia Iron Works 10/12/2001 3561-073-0004-V-01-0 VN-12933 Title V

Update #2: I got a call from an employee at EPD. She told me that, under the proposed judgement, GIW will be subject to additional fines if it fails to conduct the proper tests. She estimated the cost of testing to be 8-10k. She assured me that GIW would be incentivized to conduct the tests. She said emissions were continuous with plant operation. Although EPD has the authority to shut the plant down, she said it would not do so unless it suspected GIW’s emissions were a threat to people or the environment.


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