Metadata (“Hallelujah” parody)

Matty Imagines

“Metadata” (parody of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”); Scroll down for lyrics



Audio only:


I’m in charge of a secret plan

To spy on all the Americans
I don’t care that I’m American too, yah
Well it goes like this: the phone, the web
The common man and the huge celeb
I’ll get the dirt without having to interview ya

It’s true-ah
I’m listening to ya
Yes, it’s true-ah
I’ve got your metadata

Well, my faith was strong but I needed proof
I saw the cables on your roof
And now I can pretty much see right through ya
You didn’t know I was watching you
When you logged on to porno view
But every stroke you do links right to ya

It’s true-ah
I’m watching you-ah
When you screw ya
Self I view ya

Now, baby I’ve been here before
I’ve tapped this phone and…

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