Egyptian Author Omar Hazek: Letter from Prison

Please consider writing in support of this Egyptian author’s freedom.

Arabic Literature (in English)

American University in Cairo CAASIC fellow Anny Gaul  is currently translating a section from Omar Hazek’s novel I Don’t Love This City.  Meanwhile, the author — whose case has been taken up by PEN International — remains in prison, and has recently been officially dismissed from his job at the Alexandria Library:

omar-hazeq-23039As PEN said in its action appeal on Hazek’s behalf: “PEN International believes that the poet Omar Hazek is imprisoned for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression and assembly, and therefore calls for his immediate and unconditional release.” You can read more on his case in a recent piece by Egyptian novelist Hamdy al-Gazzar, on the Arab Network for Human Rights Information, or on this report on Mada Masr.

In response to his recent dismissal, many Egyptian authors have declared a boycott of all activities, events, and conventions organized by the Library of Alexandria.

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