Augusta, GA Book Giveaway

June 10, 2014. All free books have been given away. Thank you for your interest. I continue to have books on sale.

June 4, 2014 07:32. A person has asked for all of the books. For this reason, I’ve eliminated public access to to the book list I mention below. If this deal does not work out, I’ll God willing update the blog entry and restore access to list of books. If you want to be notified if the books become available again, e-mail me.

I have over 900 800 600 books that I want to give away as soon as possible. This is the list in the form of a Google spreadsheet. Note that I’m trying to update this as people send me their lists of requested books. If you want to know more about a book, search for it at using the title, author or ISBN number. The ISBN works best, because it identifies the edition.

If you see books you like, e-mail me the list of ISBN-10s you want (or title if there is no ISBN-10). It may take me a while to find the books. I can then e-mail you back or call you, if you prefer, to tell you which books in the list I have ready for you to pickup.

I would expect you to pickup. I live north of the intersection of Riverwatch Parkway & Stevens Creek Rd, before you reach Evans-to-Lock Rd.

If you are wondering where these books came from, most came from the HQ Library on Telfair St. The library was about to throw them out because nobody had checked them out in 5 years. So the condition of most of the books is good. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about a specific book you’re thinking of requesting.

And if you don’t want the books, but you know somebody or some institution who may, please pass the word.

So please help me clear out my guest room before the guests arrive!

Updated: May 20, 2014 – Several people have asked to simply take boxes away. Mixed in with the free books in the boxes are books I’m selling (low, low prices!), so I don’t want to do that. Also, somebody asked me if any of the books were appropriate for children. I identified about 20-30 books in the Google spreadsheet as either “Child” or “YA” (Young Adult) in a newly-added Genre column. But use your own judgment.

2014-05-19 00.17.39

Books in the hall. I think this is an OSHA violation!

See how the guest bedroom is completely ruined. You know who is in trouble!

See how the guest bedroom is completely ruined. You know who is in trouble!

And believe me, there are boxes in other places, too.

Updated May 19, 2014, 14:40:

DG Scored Big at Augusta Book Giveaway

DG Scores Big at the Augusta Book Giveaway


Almost down to 700 books!


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