(Brown) Children of the Corn (updated)

Image from horror movie “Children of the Corn.”

July 23, 2016 – Nick Kristof’s column in the New York Times of July 16 “We’re Helping to Deport Kids to Die

Update: Sign petition urging President Obama to stop detaining children.

I like horror movies, but some, for no reason which I can discern, give me the heebie-jeebies. Stephen King‘s 1984 movie Children of the Corn was one of those. So I guess I can understand why my hometown newspaper’s editorial page was freaking out about the children of brown people from Mexico, Central and South America trying to reunite with their parents now living and working in the United States. Many of those parents used to actually grow corn, until NAFTA made it possible for US agrobusiness to dump its subsidized corn into their markets and make subsistence agriculture impossible.

So instead of decrying the expense of “humanely” detaining the children of undocumented workers and blaming DACA, why don’t we offer a path to citizenship, not “guest” worker status, to all workers in the USA and allow them to be united with their families? And, if you believe that brown workers from the rest of the Americas are a threat to the United States, change labor laws such that the work they do pays enough to attract U.S. citizens.

The editorial staff has engaged me on Twitter!

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