Action Alert: Tell Clayton County, Georgia to Release Margarita Valdes-Rosas

Received this from activist VF in Atlanta:

Friends and Comrades ACT NOW:

On Thursday July 17th​, Margarita Valdes-Rosas, a beloved community member, mother, and friend gave a neighbor a ride and was arrested by Clayton County Police. Although the charges she faced were dropped, she now sits in a Clayton County jail with an ICE hold slating her for deportation.  

Margarita is a single mother of six children. Three of her children are under the age of seven and one of them was born premature, requiring weekly trips to the speech therapist and special care by Margarita. Margarita is a beloved member of the Atlanta community, a devoted mother, and a cook whose delicious tamales many of us have enjoyed. 

Starting TODAY (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday), we ask that you CALL, FAX, EMAIL Sheriff Victor Hill and demand that Clayton County release the ICE hold on Margarita so she can come home to her children. 

Sample call script + numbers below:

 “I am calling to to let you know that Margarita Valdes-Rosas​ was picked up and arrested ​by Clayton County Police, on Thursday July 17th ​under criminal charges that have since been dropped, and the 48 hours required to hold a detainee for an Immigration detainer is about to expire. Margarita Valdes-Rosas ​is being held on a detainer that is violating her Fourth Amendment right against unlawful arrest and detention. If Clayton County does not release her they could be liable for a lawsuit.”

Sheriff Victor Hill:
Main Number: 770-471-1122
Alternate numbers: p: 678-479-5350 f: 678-479-5358
Fax: (770) 477-4596
9157 Tara Blvd.
Jonesboro, GA 30236

ICE Holds: An ICE hold is a request by ICE for the Sheriff to continue detaining someone after the time they should be released. It is not mandatory, and the sheriff has the discretion to ignore the detainer. Many Sheriffs, like Sheriff Hill, continue to mistakenly believe these holds are mandatory even though a federal court has made it clear they are not. This mistaken belief has resulted in the harmful and unnecessary deportation of hundreds of thousands.

Make your call today! Let’s get Margarita OUT and home to her children!


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