I follow the producer of this video because he is an author who lives close to my hometown.

I’ve discussed in the comments section my thoughts on the video. But I’ve copied the comments below, in case the producer of the video chooses to delete my comments.

Me: Is your video meant to be taken seriously, or is it camp? Anybody who would interpret contemporary events based on what’s in the Bible or any other scripture is dangerous. The primary reason ISIS arose is the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, for which the people of Iraq and elsewhere continue to suffer. 

This kind of analysis belongs on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens. “Ancient alien scholars theorize” = “Biblical eschatologists theorize …”

TC McCarthy: I’m having trouble taking you seriously since you’re so off target. A: ISIS is a horrific terrorist group. B: I simply pointed out that some Christians believe this is linked to the apocalypse, along with a gloss-treatment of the evidence they present. You may disagree with this. Fine. But it is not “analysis,” it is observation vis-a-vis current events along with some reporting on the views and interpretations of some Christians. The only analysis I made was that ISIS is a horrific terrorist group and I challenge you to prove otherwise. Why they arose has nothing to do with this; it’s a straw man.

Furthermore, the fact that ISIS basis its existence on scripture – Islamic scripture from the Quran – means that one CANNOT DISCUSS THIS TOPIC WITHOUT DISCUSSING IT IN A SCRIPTURAL CONTEXT. Please use your brain. This is NOT a secular conflict – it’s sectarian, it’s steeped in Islamic scripture, and therefore warrants discussion of scriptural elements.

Me: Obviously, you intended the video to be taken seriously, so I apologize for suggesting otherwise. ISIS is a horrific terrorist group, although it’s the natural result of the last 20 years of the history of Iraq and its neighbors and the US & its allies, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council, have played a significant, negative role. 

Perhaps you could enlighten me on why modern eschatalogically-oriented USA Christians should be taken seriously, particularly since that demographic has been, in my lifetime, the most supportive of USA military interventions in the Americas and Southwest Asia and elsewhere, and, war, to my limited knowledge, is not a Christian value.

Finally, ISIS is hardly a candidate to create a state. Its control over territory is simply the ability to extort money and murder enemies and confiscate property while the Iraqi and Syrian governments are too weak to exercise sovereignty. It’s a glorified criminal gang, hardly deserving of scriptural discussion. 

Regarding your comment that ISIS has anything to do with Muslims’ scripture, you may want to read Edward Said’s Covering Islam.

TC McCarthy: One point at a time: you think that although ISIS is horrific, it is the product of US and allied meddling, and is therefore either justified (at worst), or regrettable-but-understandable (at best). It’s a bit disingenuous to think that this kind of sectarian hatred and bloodshed only results from US meddling. Lets go further back to the 1920s and the slaughter of 1.5 Armenian Christians. The result of US meddling again? No. What about the drive to establish the hegemony of Islam as a motive for ISIS’ formation and other groups like it? This is NOT a view of only radical muslims, as Shayke Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid explains in his fatwa: “Yes, Islam is the religion of peace but in the sense of saving all of mankind from worshipping anything other than Allaah and submitting all of mankind to the rule of Allaah.” So peace only comes once the world submits to Islam. Could this kind of religious interpretation be a motivating factor for ISIS? Maybe even more than “US meddling?” Yes. And…yes.
Let’s keep going, because quite frankly the list of reasons for formation of ISIS and “ISIS-like” slaughter groups is almost endless, and these reasons often have NOTHING to do with the US! Here are just a few: hatred of Shiites (violence between these two sects has been going on for over a milenium) and hatred of non-muslims (jizyah, subjugation, treatment of Christians for example in Pakistan, Egypt, etc.) – keep in mind there are NO churches in Saudi Arabia. Then there’s ISIS-like violence in Africa and India that clearly has no direct connection to U.S. policy. Boko Haram (“Western Education is Forbidden”) terrorists slaughter Muslims and Christians in Nigeria and burn churches to the ground. Islamists in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh persecute and kill Hindus (they have for centuries, btw). The Janjaweed Islamic militia engages in genocidal slaughter of Christians in Sudan. The persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt continues. And let’s not touch on the oppression and violence against Muslim women under Shariah law. Edward Said, quite frankly, is a laughable source, and I’m not talking only about the fact that his book was written in 1981.

No, I won’t enlighten you as to why a modern Christian viewpoint should be considered, because I don’t think you’d listen to reason. But I will suggest you create your own video condemning ISIS so that you can show all of us that you do, in fact, condemn their actions instead of being an ISIS apologist. Also, I suggest you update your reading material with the following work:

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By Charles Davis Aug 12 2014 http://www.vice.com/read/america-helped-make-the-islamic-state-812

Was Iraq’s Top Terrorist Radicalized at a US-Run Prison?
A former US military compound commander at Camp Bucca suspects ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s extremism was fostered (or bolstered) at the facility.
—By Jenna McLaughlin | Fri Jul. 11, 2014 6:00 AM EDT

Chris Hedges: The Ghoulish Face of Empire, Jun 22, 2014

Professor Juan Cole at juancole.com has published a lot of good articles on that topic. 

To suggest that there is a cause or nexus of causes for a historical phenomenon is not to justify it, nor is it to become an “ISIS apologist,” which seems to be your standard response to anybody who criticizes your video.

I downloaded my Twitter archive to and searched for the term “ISIS.” Here’s the incriminating evidence of my sympathy for this organization:

https://twitter.com/DavidBrin/statuses/497812097137262592 (btw, I follow you because I heard about your book Germline on Adventures in SciFi Publishing, or something like that. I also think you live close to Augusta, GA, my hometown.)
https://twitter.com/OIC_OCI/statuses/491363156745138177 (note this is a link to a condemnation of ISIS by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, for all the “why-don’t-Muslims-condemn-terrorism?” crowd)
https://twitter.com/aymanfadel/statuses/449263028995764224 (here’s real evidence of my sympathy towards ISIS – this was a response to https://twitter.com/IbnSiqilli/status/449261941987360768)

No doubt some of the people whose articles you cited below warn you that Muslims are trained to lie to deceive the disbelievers and move their never-ending plot to control the world forward. They even give you a (scary) Arabic word taqiyya rather than use the English word dissimulation. I searched my twitter archive for the Arabic acronym for ISIS and here are the results. Translate on your own.


Status Updates

Maybe I’ll make an ISIS condemnation video when you put your video up condemning the KKK, US police killing, USA war crimes, USA policy denying millions of undocumented workers rights, USA support of anti-Castro and anti-Sandinista terrorists.

But I’ll be happy if we simply assume that people are not cheerleaders of human rights violators simply because they discuss something in a public forum.

Which brings me back to the first question I asked you: if I don’t believe that the text of the King James Bible is a guide to modern events, is there any value to this video for me? Assuming a person does believe it, what policy actions does it advocate? Military intervention, as Presidents Bush and Obama have done? Mournful prayer and soul searching? Preparation for the Day of Judgment through sincere repentance?

Regarding Edward Said, what do you consider laughable about a Columbia University Professor whose writings have changed how the humanities have been studied? His books appear in academic presses, while Robert Spencer and Walid Shoebat have to rely on non-academic organizations like the Gatestone Institute to get their hate messages out there.


Some of the citations you provided are legitimate sources, and others are covered well at http://www.loonwatch.com/. I recommend Edward Said’s book “Covering Islam” because it helps a person distinguish between the two.

TC McCarthy: I flatly reject the (largely leftist) point that the US is somehow responsible for the radicalization of people like AB al-Baghdadi – especially since this kind of radicalization has so many historic links that have nothing to do with US policy and your sources (the ones I had time to skim) claim to address this but instead gloss over the evidence with hand waving. In fact, radical islamists THEMSELVES justify their actions by citing religious sources. They typically don’t shout “down with US policy” when they blow up US vehicles, they shout “allah is the greatest!” So there’s a deeper cause here that journalists like Said, and people like yourself, don’t want to address.

I listed example after example of historic events demonstrating radicalization of Muslims that is NOT linked to US policy; you did not refute these. Instead you threw a link salad out, like a dog vomiting. This is not what I would call “rigor.” In fact, you’re now wasting my time by taking this approach. Also, take a closer look at my citations – they are Pew polls, statements from respected Imams, etc. And yes, some are from those who you would denegrate.

But again, you resort to logical fallacies; you insult the messenger instead of refuting the data or the message (e.g., Walid Shoebat). This proves that you’re wasting my time. So the discussion is over. Again, make your own videos and demonstrate your point with data. I’ll be posting additional videos soon that demonstrate the similarities between ISIS and the Young Turks of the Armenian Genocide; an elaboration of evidence I already cited that this radical streak originates not with US policy, but with Islam and its extremists.

No more responses from you will be approved. I respect that you have a point of view, but it’s taking too much time to address your strawman arguments, ad hominem attacks, etc., and make sure people know that these are flaws in logic. Blog about me or something.



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