What White America Can Learn from Nationwide’s #MakeSafeHappen Messages

Just to start off, all of us can learn from this campaign. I’m not sure if the Super Bowl advertisement was great marketing, but the tips on the web site are informative and you should implement them. Thank you, Nationwide.

Jared Diamond talks about “constructive paranoia” in his book The World Until Yesterday. You should read it.

Now all modern people are poor at estimating risk. We’re just not good at it, for a variety of reasons. But I think racism has made white Americans, at this time, overestimate the risks of attacks by black and brown peoples and underestimate the kinds of risks against which Nationwide advises taking precautions.

So, before advocating deporting Central American child refugees, unique citizenship requirements for Muslims and mass incarceration for black and brown people because you want to protect your children, please implement Nationwide’s suggestions.

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