Holland Hesitates: Imperialism II Game That I Was Surprised to Win

In this 400 Level Imperialism II game, I present 3 different points at which you can pick up. The two save files are available for download.

Rhantegh is the map generation key. I played as Holland.

Slot 0 is entitled “Holland Hesitates.” At this point, I did not think I would be able to win. I was being blockaded, and I felt that I had not built up an army soon enough. That “hesitation” invited attack. If the blockade continued much longer, I would fall too far behind technologically, and the other nations would join England and Sweden in their war against my empire.

Slot 1 is “Holland Wins.” This is the autosave before I take the last Irish province to win the game. So obviously my fortunes turned around.Some of it was completely fortuitous. France, after crushing Spain, chose not to attack Germany but to try to sway it peacefully to its empire. If France had succeeded in acquiring Germany, it would have had a land border with Holland which would have made an attack inevitable and fatal to Holland. As it was, England also chose to sway Germany peacefully, so France and England ended up in a series of wars which distracted them from Holland. 

Sweden and England eventually made peace with Holland, which allowed Holland to trade to acquire enough money to prosecute war against Portugal, eventually annexing it and a lot of technology.

Then Sweden took two provinces of Switzerland, including the capitol, bordering the expanded Dutch empire. I broke my alliance with Sweden to attack. Swedish light artillery prevented my musketeers from challenging those provinces, but thankfully my 8 galleons were able to maintain a lengthy naval blockade despite Sweden’s having superior naval technology. For some reason, Sweden devoted its economic capacity to building forts rather than a fleet of frigates which would have blown my galleons out of the water.

Eventually, I upgraded my fleet to Ships of the Line and Paddlewheels, spread Swedish forces thin with naval landings at every province and then conquered each Swedish province except Stockholm.

I then needed 5 more provinces to win. Ireland had 5. England was its patron, but it was too busy fighting France to defend Ireland when Holland declared war against it.



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