Corey Robin’s “The Reactionary Mind” Sneaks into Georgia Public Library

I love the Georgia Pines Library system. For free, I can request books from any participating library in Georgia, and they would then be delivered to one of two libraries within 20 minutes drive of my home.

Most academic, critical, radical books are not available, however. I’m not sure why. Once a librarian told me that people don’t read academic press books. I’m sure academic press books are expensive, and the budgets our legislature provides are tight. For example, no Kimberlé Crenshaw books.

I’ve been reading Corey Robin’s blog posts for a couple of years. He’s now writing for Salon.

A couple of factors have converged to make me want to read the book. One, Georgia, year after year, becomes more reactionary. I’m terribly upset about efforts to restrict the teaching of Advanced Placement United States History. Two, I’m helping to select the next round of books for the book club of our local chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

To my complete surprise, there are four copies of Corey Robin’s The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin in the Pines System, including one in a library 20 minutes from my house.

Happily, I picked it up today from the shelf. And I think I learned why a few Georgia libraries stock this book. The call number for the book in the Dewey Decimal System is 320.52.

Ideologies and theories stressing limits of human reason and virtue, value of tradition, caution in effecting social change

Here are some pics of the books on the shelf of the library where I found Professor Robin’s book:

2015-03-31 16.13.51 2015-03-31 16.14.07

2015-03-31 16.13.44 2015-03-31 16.13.19

Is it possible that the book was selected because these Georgia libraries thought that this book was like the other books in these pictures?

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