Call for Papers: Opposing Quasi-Religious Interference in Public School Social Studies Programs

In response to the Call for Annual Conference Proposals by the Georgia Council for the Social Studies, I am organizing a panel entitled “Opposing Quasi-Religious Interference in Public School Social Studies Programs.” The conference is Thursday and Friday, October 22-23, 2015 in Athens, GA. The proposal deadline is April 30, 2015.

The Georgia legislature is considering changes to the teaching of social studies and history in public schools. In particular, S.R. 80 calls upon members of the executive branch to steer Georgia away from the Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH) Exam. Other proposals mandated “civics education,” such as HB 132, and specified directions in teaching of U.S. and world history, such as HB 481. Other proposed legislation of interest were SB 216 “Celebrate Freedom Week” and SB 202, “America’s Founding Philosophy and Principles Act.”

How should professional educators, historians, students, parents and citizens respond to the politicization of state support for the teaching of history and other branches of social studies? Paper topics might include but are not limited to:
1. Analysis of specific proposals in Georgia and/or other states to determine their impacts on education.
2. Investigation of the organizations advancing these proposals in state legislatures.
3. Analysis of how such proposals impact teaching of history and related disciplines at the college level.
4. Lobby and legal strategies which may be effective in resisting such legislation.
5. Descriptions of encounters public school professionals may have already had regarding the teaching of social studies.
6. Evaluating the independence of College Board and International Baccalaureate in adverse political climates.
7. Comparison of efforts to change social studies public school education with efforts to change science education. Are such efforts an illegal establishment of religion, as courts have found regarding Creation Science and Intelligent Design?
Please contact Ayman Fadel by e-mail or phone. His phone number is (706) 284-3002.

2 thoughts on “Call for Papers: Opposing Quasi-Religious Interference in Public School Social Studies Programs

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