Those Ungrateful Muslim Refugees Threaten Their Hosts in South Africa! More Islamophobic News Distortion

In Augusta, Georgia, USA, our peace group published a column on its website objecting to our governor’s executive order prohibiting Georgia government agencies from aiding Syrian refugees. When our local daily paper published it as a letter to the editor, one online commenter referenced an incident in the Republic of South Africa as evidence that the USA should not accept Syrian refugees.

Mr. Fadel, below shows what happens when you take in a bunch of Muslims.
[link to an article at mad world news dot com]

Here’s an excerpt from the report on how Muslim refugees from the Central African Republic repaid a white liberal South African couple’s generosity with threats to their lives.

After escaping Islamic brutality in the Central African Republic, the Muslim migrants traveled to South Africa, where they were again set upon by South African natives in black-on-black attacks. So, the good-natured yet naive white couple welcomed the refugee families to their land, which included Obama’s favored “widows and orphans.”

However, after only a few months of graciously allowing the Muslim migrants to live for free on their property, the loving couple soon found that they would actually be the refugees. The Wartnabys were threatened with slaughter by the same people they were helping escape brutality.

Its source was Bare Naked Islam, whose source was The New Observer, whose source was

However, the words Muslim, Islam, Central African Republic and their derivatives don’t appear in the article.

This is part of a larger pattern for commenters at the Augusta Chronicle website. Many rely on websites which distort news reports from real news organizations to advance an ideological agenda.

Note that I use the website whenever I link to these odious websites so as not to increase their prominence in search engines.

Updated January 4, 2016. OK, I should have just gone to

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