The United States is Becoming Like Egypt

Updated January 16, 2017. Colby Cooper removed his posts on Twitter & Facebook related to this incident. I’ve substituted the links to them with screenshots I took.

Two stories demonstrate how the United States is becoming Egypt. Both are associated with Trump, but it would be a mistake to believe that the roots of this transformation did not begin before him. If you’re studying for the SAT, you can use these to help you learn the meanings of obsequious and impunity.

The first story is how Colby Cooper, Chief of Staff of City of Mobile, Alabama (screenshot), cut down a tree from a park to use as a backdrop for President-Elect Donald Trump’s “Thank You” Rally.



Colby Cooper Celebrating His Crime

After city residents objected, he took to social media to mitigate his assholery.

Colby Cooper's "Apology"

Colby "I'll Buy 3 Trees" Cooper

Colby Says Tree Will Be Repurposed

The second story concerns Newt Gingrich, another, more prominent lap-dog of Donald Trump.

He said that President Trump could “advance” pardon his children for selling access to the President. The Washington Post reported the story after TMZ published information on a gala event associated with the coronation inauguration.

One of the concerns which led Egyptians to revolt against Mohammad Hosni Mubarak was that he would bequeath the government to one of his two sons, Alaa or Gamaal.


Let’s not just worry about a 2nd Trump term. We need to work against about a Trump dynasty.


I’ve written on this blog and elsewhere about fascism.

More disturbing is how this clown Colby Cooper hasn’t deleted his idiotic social media posts yet. I screenshotted them and inserted them into the post. They’re collected in a Flickr album.


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