Columbia County (Georgia) Commission Chairman Ron Cross Misunderstands Transgender Rights as “Political Correctness”

In the November 2016 Columbia County (Georgia) Newsletter, Commission Chairman Ron Cross writes in his list of “Downers”:

Political Correctness:
Can you believe that we have reached a point where we must have direction on which restroom to use? It seems to me it is very simple: you go to the restroom that matches the equipment that God gave you. Regardless of how I may feel, nature has already made a determination.

Oh well, this is a problem for people much younger than me to wage.

I’m no longer young, and I’m late to the game of understanding transgender rights, but even I see that denying people use of the public restroom of their chosen gender identity is a violation of their rights, regardless of their “equipment.” If a person chooses to identify as female and dresses with clothes associated with being female and presents herself as a female, what does Mr. Cross think will happen if she enters a bathroom for males? And vice versa?

What is the harm of allowing people this right? Is there any evidence of predators using a disguise of changing genders to assault people in bathrooms?

I hope Mr. Cross watches this Frontline documentary Growing Up Trans and learns more on this issue.

Don’t let the label “political correctness” mislead you. This is an issue of a human being having a right to use a public facility. This is a civil and human rights issue.

Updated November 25, 2018: Citations Needed Podcast
Episode 57: A Matter of Survival – Trivializing Trans Rights as a Boutique “Identity” Issue

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