Support Tavis Smiley & PBS Against Zionist Attacks

I sent the following comment to the PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler. I encourage you to submit a comment supporting Tavis Smiley and PBS.

I only learned about the February 2, 2017 interview with Miko Peled on Tavis Smiley’s show this morning. I watched the episode. What Mr. Peled said is only shocking and extreme because many media outlets never allow critiques of Zionism. The tag “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” at FAIR Media Watch is endless, yet worth reading.

I appreciated your response to the criticism of Mr. Smiley. I guess I just wanted to let you know that at least this viewer thought the segment was excellent.


Finally, it’s worth noting that the United States Department of State definition of anti-Semitism which CAMERA uses is designed to suppress criticism of Zionism and Israel. South Carolina is now attempting to force universities to apply it to on-campus activities. The inevitable result will be suppression of speech critical of Zionism and Israel.

As an addendum for this blog entry, consider these words Miko Peled said in the interview:

And I had one canceled, so I suppose it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not nice. It doesn’t feel good. Calling a Jew who is an anti-Semite is kind of absurd anyway. But what it really says is, when you call somebody anti-Semitic, you’re calling him a racist because anti-Semitism is not something on its own.

Anti-Semitism is racism except we’re focusing on the Jews. If you’re a racist, you probably hate Blacks and hate others and so forth. So to say that I’m racist, again, is an absolutely absurd proposition looking at the body of work I’ve written and the lectures I give and my activism and so forth.

However, what has happened is, particularly in America, but not only in America, is that speaking against Israel has been conflated with anti-Semitism. In other words, if you oppose the State of Israel, you oppose all Jews. That’s not true. Many Jews oppose the State of Israel. Many Jews think the State of Israel is not a legitimate entity or disagree with it at varying degrees.

So it’s a tool that they have. You know, I have a son who’s an activist and he says, “Well, when they call you names, that means they got nothing else. They got no argument.” That’s what it means. It means they got no argument.

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