So-Called “Travel Ban” isn’t Based on Security Considerations, Plus #AbolishICE


People carrying signs protesting the deportation of Iraqi-American immigrants. Max Ortiz, The Detroit News

Chris Gelardi wrote a fantastic article in The Nation of March 8, 2019 entitled ICE Is Terrorizing Iraqi-American Communities. The excerpts below demonstrate that #45Regime used the threat of inclusion in the Muslim Ban to pressure nations into cooperating with deportations of their nationals from the United States, thus belying the claim that the Muslim Ban had anything to do with protecting the USA from terrorism.

In Trump v Hawaii (2018), which affirmed Muslim Ban 3.0, the Supreme Court of the United States found that:

After a 50-day period during which the State Department made diplomatic efforts to encourage foreign governments to improve their practices, the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security [Elaine Duke] concluded that eight countries—Chad, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen—remained deficient. She recommended entry restrictions for certain nationals from all of those countries but Iraq, which had a close cooperative relationship with the U. S.

What was the close cooperative relationship Iraq had with the U.S. which exempted it from the Muslim Travel Ban? Apparently, #45Regime officials believed Iraq would cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportations of Iraqi nationals by dropping Iraq’s requirements that deportees explicitly agree to be repatriated to Iraq.

According to internal ICE briefing materials, uncovered via litigation by the American Civil Liberties Union, US officials told Baghdad that accepting one flight of deportees “would be an encouraging sign of progress on an issue that could help remove Iraq from sanctions in future Executive Orders.”

The Iraqi government acquiesced on one small flight, and issued one-way travel documents for eight people, who were deported in April 2017. After a federal court struck down his initial Muslim ban, Trump issued a new one, and this time Iraq was exempted.

Trump administration officials went public with the quid pro quo, claiming that Iraq’s side of the deal was more or less permanent. “Iraq is no longer one of those countries [included in the travel ban] because…Iraq has agreed to the timely repatriation of its nationals who are subject to final orders of removal,” an unnamed Department of Homeland Security official told reporters on a conference call.

In classic #45Regime manner (read “dick move“), in response to later Iraqi non-cooperation with deportations, ICE began detaining more and more Iraqi immigrants.

Then, on June 7, the Iraqi embassy in Washington, DC, issued what one ICE officer described as a “blanket denial” for two-dozen deportee travel documents. Reasserting Iraq’s long-standing position against forced repatriations, the embassy official wrote that each applicant “should express orally and in writing his willingness to return to Iraq voluntarily.”

Four days later, ICE upped the ante.

On Sunday, June 11, 2017, ICE started the raids in Michigan. Agents detained 114 people—mostly men from the Iraqi Christian community in metro Detroit, who immigrated to the United States legally but were convicted of crimes that made them deportable.

The rest of the article describes the vicious things ICE did to compel many of the detainees to “volunteer” for deportation.

#AbolishICE #AbolishICE #AbolishICE

Many of the detainees are long-time Chaldean Christian Iraqi residents of the United States. Some elements of this group in the Detroit Metro area supported Darth Orange for President because he would get tough on the Muslims. Some worked to prevent Muslims in the Detroit Metro area from building masajid. Needless to say, the strategy some minority groups take of joining the majority in attacking a more despised minority rarely works in the long run.

Lastly, for those who claim they love Jesus and hate what Muslims are doing to Christians in other countries, look close to home. Last time I checked, most Haitians and Mexicans and many Nigerians and Syrians and Iraqis which your government is detaining and deporting are Christian.

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