Write Brian Kemp to Request VETO of SB 83, which encourages “Bible Literacy” classes in #Georgia public schools

The Georgia Legislature passed SB 83 this session.

Governor Kemp hasn’t signed it yet. You can use this form to urge the Governor to veto it. 

I’ve included below the text of my letter which I sent this morning and the letter of a friend and activist in metro Atlanta.

To learn more about “Bible Literacy” or “Bible Literature” classes, here are some articles from the Americans United for Church and State website:
Here’s a larger list:
My letter:

I request that you veto SB 83. Section 1 encourages school boards to provide courses with a narrow focus on the Hebrew scriptures, Old Testament and New Testament. The previous version of the law allowed school districts to provide courses on all literature of that historical time period, which is more appropriate, although not without its problems.

Without strict enforcement of the provisions in the law and those provisions of state and federal law upholding the USA Constitution’s Establishment Clause, courses are likely to become little more than sectarian preaching.

I urge you to veto this legislation. I hope that you and the legislature and the Department of Education can in the future provide an elective, balanced course on the history of and comparison of a wide variety of faiths and beliefs.

My friend’s letter:

I am very concerned with the continued attempts, in Georgia, at violating the USA Constitutional laws that protect the separation of church from state. The proposed elective Public School course on the Bible totally ignores other types of faith or no faith in our state and nation. From Islam to Hinduism to all other beliefs, this proposed course only offers support to one myopic form of faith ignoring the diversity of belief in our nation. I ask you Governor Kemp to please veto this new law and instead propose an elective balanced course on the history of, and comparison of all faiths and beliefs.


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