Johnson Amendment Prevents Unaccountable, Tax-Deductible $ into Elections


ضرب ديبلوماسي هندي أميرا سعوديا مثلا للغباء و زعم أن المجاملة تنفع مع مثله

An unnamed Indian diplomat told Bobby Ghosh, the editor-in-chief of the Hindustan Times: “We regard Ivanka Trump the way we do half-wit Saudi princes. It’s in our national interest to flatter them.” – Independent, August 12, 2017

وقال دبلوماسيٌ هنديٌ لم يُذكَر اسمه لبوبي غوش، رئيس تحرير صحيفة هندوستان تايمز: “نحن نُقدِّر إيفانكا ترامب مثلما نُقدِّر الأمراء السعوديين الحمقى، إذ تقع مصلحتنا الوطنية في مجاملتهم”. – هاف بوست عربي 2017-08-12

كنت دائما أستغرب لما أسمع العرب يضربون الهنود مثلا للغباء بالذات في الأعوام الثلاثين الأخيرة إذ تتراجع الدول العربية و تتخلف بينما تطورت الهند مع مشاكلها الاقتصادية و التنموية و الاجتماعية الجسيمة

فعلا آل سعود و حكمهم على دولة و تأثيرها في الدول العربية الأخرى مهزلة و عار و ذلك أحد أسباب رخص حياة العربي في العالم كله

Among the Accomplishments of the Egyptian Military Government Is Facilitation of Suicide

20170812 facilitating suicide

In the wake of the horrific train accident in Alexandria, Egypt, this satirical tweet points out an important lesson for people in the United States who attribute chaos to the uprisings against the dictators and monarchs the United States government supports. Here’s my translation:

Before, the person who wanted to commit suicide had to throw himself under the wheels of the train. As for now, it is quite sufficient for him simply to ride it.

On May 14, 2017, Egyptian dictator Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi claimed that the recurring losses of the train system in Egypt precluded further investment:

By ignoring public health and safety and the environment and consumer protection, the U.S.-friendly governments of southwest Asia and north Africa kill far more people than ISIS or whoever the bogeyman of the month is. The ones they kill through torture, execution and the dire conditions of their prisons are simply icing on the cake.

The idea that dictators and monarchs provide stability is wrong. Ask your legislators to end US government support for these governments. Ending aid to Egypt and refusing cooperation with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are great places to start.

Giorgio Tsoukalos is a Player! But Even He Sometimes Can’t Keep a Straight Face

History Channel is pioneering the con artist entertainment genre. In this genre, people make outrageous claims and, through a mix of charisma, innuendo, circumstantial evidence, dramatic reenactments and music and engaging graphics, titillate viewers to buy or at least entertain those claims. For example, American Ripper is likely the third or fourth program on the History Channel which claims to have identified “Jack the Ripper.”

The flagship show of this genre is of course Ancient Aliens. Its host and producer Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the most endearing, interesting, earnest and famous of the “con-artists” on TV today (other than some of our politicians). The most amazing feature to me is that, after watching him for years, I still can’t say for certain that he is not a true believer.

In Season 12’s 9th Episode, The Majestic Twelve, interviewees claim that the secret intelligence agencies of the United States were created in the late 1940s to control information about and contact with extra-terrestial visitors. The group which President Truman formed to recommend policies towards extra-terrestials, Majestic Twelve, morphed into secret agencies which assassinated President John Kennedy, who had considered sharing information about extra-terrestials with the Soviet Union. When Linda Moulton Howe claims that most government covert action in the last 70 years has been to protect information about extra-terrestials, even Giorgio has a little bit of trouble believing it, and, for a brief moment, my belief in Giorgio’s belief in the existence of intelligent extra-terrestials’ intervention in earth’s history was weakened. I captured the screenshot below (time 26:18), but watch the episode.
Screenshot Giorgio Tsoukalos Ancient Aliens S12E09

More Babies in Fallujah

Justice For the Babies of Fallujah

I encourage anyone reading this blog to follow Fallujah Birth Defects on twitter – @FDefects. I am posting some of their recent pictures below. That all of these babies were born in Fallujah in just the past few weeks just doesn’t seem right. How many more babies have to suffer?  I am sickened and saddened that I live in a country that caused this and won’t take any responsibility for it. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. But I am sorry. All I can do is help them to show the world. We can all do that…


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