Is Negan a Better Leader than Rick? #TWD #TheWalkingDead

These comments are based on the AMC’s The Walking Dead through the end of Season 6, not the comic book, of which I’ve only read the first compendium. It contains spoilers. Continue reading

NBC’s Law & Order: Amazing Ability to Pack Racist Imagery into 30 Second Interview

I snapped this picture from my DVD as I’m watching NBC’s Law & Order, Season 3, Episode 7, “Self Defense.” Detective Mike Logan (Chris Noth) and Sgt Phil Cerreta (Paul Sorvino) interview Laticia Ramis (Johnnie Mae), the wife or girlfriend of a murder victim. She is holding an infant. In the background, a rap music video is playing, and there is a stack of TVs in boxes.

Scene from NBC's Law & Order S03E07 "Self Defense."

Scene from NBC’s Law & Order S03E07 “Self Defense.”

One must congratulate the writers for hitting so many racist images in a 30-second scene!

Update: The defendant in the episode is a store owner who claimed justifiable homicide. The character Phil Servino, we are told, has investigated 19 cases of police killings and found all justifiable. The story strikes too close to home these days. I think the racist imagery in the scene I highlighted is meant to set up the idea that the victims “deserved it.” Sadly, many people continue to believe that about black men like Travon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Update 2: Law & Order Spoof Video

Law and order spoof from Leland Krane on Vimeo.

BBC’s “Ripper Street” Rips Financial Industry

The British Broadcasting Corporation’s “Ripper Street” is my new favorite TV show. I watched Season 1 on Canadian Netflix, and I purchased season 2 from Vudu. Season 2, Episode 5, “Threads of Silk and Gold” has the banker villain Stone instruct Inspector Reid on the ways of the world:

Your naivety demeans you. Those whose fortunes I have saved are free to think ill of me, to shun me at the club, to divest themselves of their sullied funds, in tender compassion to give every squalid pound to their stricken fellow men. Do you imagine they will? No. Because love and justice are not the primal forces of our world, sir. Gold is the primal force of our world. You believe, as Sol did, in right and wrong, but there is only profit and loss. You believe in laws, but there are only ledgers.

You can purchase the episode at YouTube or Vudu. Here’s the episode’s trailer:

Thanksgiving Gravy: Help Me Fix My Corn Starch Disaster

I tried to follow a recipe to make gravy, but I made a critical error. I continued to add corn starch to the pan while failing to keep the heat on. When I saw that the gravy was too watery, I continued to add corn starch. When I tasted it, I realized it tasted like corn starch. Then I began to heat it, and I saw the corn starch expand and thicken, absorbing all the liquid turkey drippings.

So now I have a pot full of clumped corn starch which absorbed turkey drippings. What can I do with this?

I was thinking to simply use it in future dishes, such as pea or okra stews.

Fans Who Walk Out of Championship Games Disrespect the Players, Other Workers

By now, many (Mike & Mike), including Chris Bosh, have scorned Miami fans who left Game 6 early in despair of their team winning.

Bill Plaschke claims there are legitimate reasons to leave games early, such as concern for post-championship riots or fights in crowds.

Obviously, if a person has an emergency page from the babysitter or a legitimate concern from rioting, then there’s no reason for them to stay. But what happened Tuesday night in Game 6 was that fans left after they believed, as did I, that Miami had no chance to win. So we can assume that most of those leaving the stadium at that time did not have personal emergencies and did not fear for their safety.

In true sports cities, the fans, the last game of the season, whether it be after a losing regular season or a first round playoff loss, and many times when the game is a blowout loss, stay to cheer the home team and thank them for the entertainment they’ve given their city during the season. And it’s not just multi-million dollar salaried players. Remember, there are players on every team making the league minimums. There are coaches. There are trainers. There are all the employees in the stadium.

Is it so much to ask of Miami Heat ticket holders to stay another five minutes to thank all those workers, whatever their profession, for providing a 7-month show?