I Non-Metaphorically Want You to Recognize I Don’t Unintentionally Misuse “Literally” and “Random”

img_1399-e1440438276607A 20-something relative visited me recently. It was a struggle to remain calm as I overheard her on the phone misuse random & literally. So I’ve decided to begin saying things like, “Come downstairs, your coffee is non-metaphorically getting cold.” She: “Who was that on the phone?” Me: “Some intentional person.”

I’ve also added “Doesn’t misuse ‘random’ and ‘literally’” as a skill on my LinkedIn profile. Please endorse. Continue reading

I Independently Came Up with a Sudoku Heuristic. Yeah, me!

78d5be370952736fcf5e2de8d9b491c7A little accomplishment of which I’m proud: I devised a new Sudoku heuristic. I’m going to try to explain it to see if I can do so economically. I am sure others have figured this out and published it in books. But honestly, I came up with this independently. Yeah, me!

If two squares in any row or column or section may only be x or y, no other squares in that row or column or section, respectively, can be x or y.

Note: A section is a 3 square by 3 square group of squares which must contain one and only one of each digit 1-9.

My favorite site to play Sudoku is WebSudoku.com. I was playing my first Level Medium game when I came up with this heuristic to help me solve the puzzle.

Is heuristic the right word for it? Or is it rule? Or something else.

P.S. I did this while listening to my Pandora channel, New Jack Hustler (Nino’s Theme).

Is Negan a Better Leader than Rick? #TWD #TheWalkingDead

These comments are based on the AMC’s The Walking Dead through the end of Season 6, not the comic book, of which I’ve only read the first compendium. It contains spoilers. Continue reading

NBC’s Law & Order: Amazing Ability to Pack Racist Imagery into 30 Second Interview

I snapped this picture from my DVD as I’m watching NBC’s Law & Order, Season 3, Episode 7, “Self Defense.” Detective Mike Logan (Chris Noth) and Sgt Phil Cerreta (Paul Sorvino) interview Laticia Ramis (Johnnie Mae), the wife or girlfriend of a murder victim. She is holding an infant. In the background, a rap music video is playing, and there is a stack of TVs in boxes.

Scene from NBC's Law & Order S03E07 "Self Defense."

Scene from NBC’s Law & Order S03E07 “Self Defense.”

One must congratulate the writers for hitting so many racist images in a 30-second scene!

Update: The defendant in the episode is a store owner who claimed justifiable homicide. The character Phil Servino, we are told, has investigated 19 cases of police killings and found all justifiable. The story strikes too close to home these days. I think the racist imagery in the scene I highlighted is meant to set up the idea that the victims “deserved it.” Sadly, many people continue to believe that about black men like Travon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Update 2: Law & Order Spoof Video

Law and order spoof from Leland Krane on Vimeo.