NFL Practices Regressive Politics? Say it isn’t so!

captain obvious

This week, several NFL owners have told their players that any protest during the National Anthem would be punished with being benched (and presumably fired and blacklisted like Colin Kaepernick). Some are acting like this came out of the blue. I don’t know, maybe the NFL owners are just that way.

Fans Who Walk Out of Championship Games Disrespect the Players, Other Workers

By now, many (Mike & Mike), including Chris Bosh, have scorned Miami fans who left Game 6 early in despair of their team winning.

Bill Plaschke claims there are legitimate reasons to leave games early, such as concern for post-championship riots or fights in crowds.

Obviously, if a person has an emergency page from the babysitter or a legitimate concern from rioting, then there’s no reason for them to stay. But what happened Tuesday night in Game 6 was that fans left after they believed, as did I, that Miami had no chance to win. So we can assume that most of those leaving the stadium at that time did not have personal emergencies and did not fear for their safety.

In true sports cities, the fans, the last game of the season, whether it be after a losing regular season or a first round playoff loss, and many times when the game is a blowout loss, stay to cheer the home team and thank them for the entertainment they’ve given their city during the season. And it’s not just multi-million dollar salaried players. Remember, there are players on every team making the league minimums. There are coaches. There are trainers. There are all the employees in the stadium.

Is it so much to ask of Miami Heat ticket holders to stay another five minutes to thank all those workers, whatever their profession, for providing a 7-month show?

ESPN E60 Segment on Mariano Rivera, All-Star Closer


The hands of the Best Closer in Baseball!

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