Preaching Heedlessly – وعظ بلا وعي

I heard a Friday sermon (خطبة جمعة) about the importance of the ritual prayer (الصلاة). The preacher used the story of the assassination of Umar, the Second Caliph (رضي الله عنه), to demonstrate how the first generation of Muslims valued the ritual prayer. This rhetoric was an example of our contemporary religious discourse’s reliance on entertaining stories without considering their social or moral implications. Continue reading

Gov Deal Should Veto HB 702 Establishing Religious Monument on Capitol Grounds – Atlanta, Georgia

Copy/modify the text below and send it to Governor Deal. This is a slight modification from a draft Frank Carl, President of the Central Savannah River Area Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, wrote and submitted to the national organization for approval as a chapter statement. Continue reading

Mosque in Chicago not allow women in for prayer


Praying Maghrib at a Pakistani restaurant in Chicago, IL. There’s a mosque next door, but we were told three times that no women are allowed there. So we prayed in that corner, while our male friend went to the mosque.


Kartini, a Javanese princess and heroine, sports traditional Javanese wedding couture. An Indonesian Muslim, she lived only from 1879-1904, but she had a tremendous influence in her short life and is highly honored in Indonesia today (Indonesia being the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country). An early feminist, she established a school for girls in her own home, and had many schools established in her name after her death.  The wedding outfit is typical of that worn by Javanese Muslims to this day. This is classic Muslim garb.