Letter to @NPR Ombudsman @EJensenNYC Calling Out Pro-Zionist Bias in Report on Israel Army Killing of Palestinians on Land Day

مسيرة_العودة_الكبرىRe: 16 Palestinians Killed, Hundreds More Wounded In Violence Near Gaza Border, March 30, 2018, All Things Considered by Daniel Estrin.

The word “Hamas” appears 9 times in the article.

  1. Palestinians answered “Hamas’s call to protest.”
  2. But actually Hamas, which controls Gaza, was a driving force. It called from mosque loudspeakers, encouraging people to gather at the border.
  3. Hamas took control of Gaza by force a decade ago.
  4. Hamas has fought three wars with Israel.

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Mr. Friedman, what Does Morsi Mean for Israel?


Mr. Friedman, I’ve been frustrated lately that some columnists have resorted to treating Arabs as anything other than bit-players in the great saga of triumphalist Western culture and the necessity and nobility of Zionism.  To tell you the truth, I’m anxious because I feel like I’m seeing my “neighborhood imploding.”  I have just one simple question for you: “What Does Morsi Mean for Israel?

– Shulamit, East Talpiot