Fred Kaplan writes for Slate that President Obama has called it quits in Afghanistan, to which I say darn right and about time.

But how many dead and wounded soldiers ago did he realize it was hopeless?


In the spring of 2009, Obama announced his decision to send what turned out to…

Dan Froomkin’s Temporary Tumblr Depository: How Many Dead and Wounded Soldiers Ago Did Obama Give Up on Afghanistan?

Börgen S2E1 Shows Denmark Escalating Military Involvement in Afghanistan on Basis of Human Rights and Public Health

I’ve been watching Börgen on LinkTV. In Season 2, Episode 1 (“89.000 børn”, aired September 25, 2011), Prime Minister Nyborg changes the position of her party, The Moderates, on Afghanistan from expedited withdrawal of Danish troops to escalation with a 5-6 year timetable. Continue reading

Ann Wright Speaking in Aiken, SC

Col. (Ret.) Ann Wright spoke in Aiken, SC on November 19, 2012. This is a recording of most of her talk, until my cell phone battery ran out.

The focus of her talk was her experience as a government employee in the United States military and Department of State and the important role government employees play in blowing the whistle on malfeasance.

You can read more about this topic in her book entitled Dissent: Voices of Conscience.

If you don’t have Adobe Flash, download the MP3 audio file here.

Next time you hear that the U.S. has killed “militants” in a drone attack, remember this transcript of U.S. military personnel observing for four hours a convoy of 3 vehicles carrying Afghan civilians. The personnel concluded that they had positively identified weapons and no women or children were present. They launched two missiles, destroying two vehicles and killing 23 people, according to village elders interviewed later. Military personnel confirmed no weapons were present.

Transcript of #USA Military Personnel Murdering #Afghanistan Civilians in #Drone Attack

Mistreating @HRW – @PBS mentions #Libya using #ClusterBombs, ignores #USA #Israel @banclusterbombs

United States Public Broadcasting System’s The News Hour highlights Libya’s use of cluster bombs and fails to mention the United States’s and Israel’s use of cluster bombs.

PBS’s The News Hour’s piece Fighting Continues in Misrata as 3 Countries Send Advisers to Assist Rebels, broadcast April 20, 2011, mentions the Human Rights Watch report on Libya’s use of cluster bombs in Misrata April 14, 2011.

Yet The News Hour fails to mention Human Rights Watch’s reports on the United States’s use of cluster bombs in Afghanistan in 2002 and Iraq in 2003 and its reports on Israel’s use of cluster bombs in Lebanon in 2006.

According to the Cluster Munition Coalition, the United States has not signed nor ratified the Convention on Cluster Munitions has not participated in the Oslo Process meetings.

I condemn the Libyan government’s use of these inhumane weapons, and I’m happy that The News Hour used Human Rights Watch as a source of information. But The News Hour should bring to the attention of its viewers that their own government and its allies use these weapons in addition to today’s villain du jour.

General Flustercluck Receives Orders from POTUS, who has to fight off progressive fantasy old rhetoric

#Cartoon General Flustercluck Receives Orders from #POTUS, who has to fight off #progressive fantasy old rhetoric