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Yesterday on CNN, Joe Klein said it was “stupid” of Ed Schultz to hold up a sign that said “GET OUT” regarding Afghanistan.

But when Klein calls Schultz “stupid,” he’s insulting most Americans as well: more than 60 percent of Americans oppose the war in Afghanistan, and they rank it the #2 most important issue for President Obama to address, second only to fixing the economy.

Thousands of people were wounded or killed in Afghanistan in 2010, and more will die in 2011 in a war that’s not making us safer and that’s not worth the cost. THAT’s stupid.

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US Military’s Real DADT Policy: Don’t ask if they’re civilians, don’t ask if you’ve killed them in cold blood

So you wanna be safer?  I mean, actually safer?  Here’s a simple formula for beginning to improve American safety and security at every level. End our trillion-dollar wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; set our military to defending our own borders (and no, projecting power abroad does not normally qualify as a defense of the United States); begin to shut down our global empire of bases; stop building grotesque embassy-citadels abroad (one even has a decorative moat, for god’s sake!); end our overseas war stimulus packages and bring some of that money home. In short, stop going out of our way to tick off foreigners and then pouring our treasure into an American war machine intent on pursuing a generational global war against them.

As the TSA feels you up and dresses you down, terrorists are tearing a hole in a new target: The U.S. economy