More Government-Generated Anti-Arab Bias – Scaring People With Innocuous Arabic Words

In the March 21, 2018 Toronto Star, I read about the heroic FBI’s actions to save us from Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, yet another mentally-ill, substance-abusing Arab Muslim youth. It had all the elements of the other “terrorism” plots, including a confidential informant and deliberate FBI actions to induce the youth into actions which would allow the US government to charge him with more serious offenses. It had the added element of Canadian government cooperation to facilitate prosecution and maximization of punishment. Of course, all of this contributes to a climate of hatred and fear of Arabs in particular and Muslims in general, and, sadly, for all non-whites for many people in North America. But I’ve complained a whole lot on this blog & my other blog about why the War on Terror is in fact a tactic of white supremacy. Continue reading

On Muslim Names: Rebuttal of Harold Rhode’s “Would You Name Your Kid Sword?”

Harold Rhode wrote an article claiming that the naming practices of Muslim parents reflect Muslim societies’ violent nature.

The article of course has no statistics to back up Harold Rhode’s assertions. What percentage of Muslim children receives these names? Continue reading

Correct My Translation on Behalf of the Special Olympics

Through the Rosetta Stone Foundation, I volunteered to translate a document on behalf of the Special Olympics from English to Arabic. Here is the English document, and here is my translation. If you have suggestions/corrections, send them to me by e-mail. If you send me the MS Word document, remember to use Track Changes.

God and love by khowaga1 on Flickr.

Is Allah and God the same? Egyptian Christians seem to think so.

Illuminated Manuscript, Work on the duties of Muslims toward the Prophet Muhammad with an account of his life, Illuminated incipit page with titlepiece, Walters Art Museum MS. W.580, fol. 2a by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts on Flickr.

Arabic rendition of American protest song We Shall Overcome, as performed by Pete Seeger, but with some lyrical differences.

I sing this, and my voice is not good. Nevertheless, if you can suggest improvements in the words, please do so.

معذرة من صوتي غير الجميل و لكن الرجاء إرسال اقتراحاتكم لتحسين الكلام