BBC’s “Ripper Street” Rips Financial Industry

The British Broadcasting Corporation’s “Ripper Street” is my new favorite TV show. I watched Season 1 on Canadian Netflix, and I purchased season 2 from Vudu. Season 2, Episode 5, “Threads of Silk and Gold” has the banker villain Stone instruct Inspector Reid on the ways of the world:

Your naivety demeans you. Those whose fortunes I have saved are free to think ill of me, to shun me at the club, to divest themselves of their sullied funds, in tender compassion to give every squalid pound to their stricken fellow men. Do you imagine they will? No. Because love and justice are not the primal forces of our world, sir. Gold is the primal force of our world. You believe, as Sol did, in right and wrong, but there is only profit and loss. You believe in laws, but there are only ledgers.

You can purchase the episode at YouTube or Vudu. Here’s the episode’s trailer:


Watch and learn the “core problem” that is the focus of #occupywallstreet. Joseph Stiglitz recently spoke in Liberty Park. He, other noted economist, and this man all are saying the same thing – asymetrical speculation is the PROBLEM. Obama was put into office by Wall Street. He’s not going to educate the public on this core problem. Neither or any Republicans.

Americans have to fix their own problem. No politician is going to be truthful and do this.

Go to and then his Inform yourself and become “the change”.



The Banks Have Hijacked the Government, Nassim Taleb on the BBC.