Turner County, Georgia is Prepared for Terrorism, or Why Didn’t I Get in on the Counter-Terrorism Boondoggle?

 The Martin News reported (or reproduced a Robert Friedman press release) on July 19, 2017:

[Turner County] Sheriff Andy Hester has returned from Israel after an intensive two weeks of public safety and counterterrorism training with the country’s top policing executives. Hester was among a 20-member delegation of senior law enforcement officials from Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee who participated in the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange’s (GILEE) 25th annual peer-to-peer training program in partnership with Israel.

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Goal of BDS is Ending USA Complicity in Zionist War Crimes

This is a comment I submitted to an article in Inside Higher Ed reviewing a book criticizing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement to end USA support of Israeli apartheid in Palestine.

Assuming this review is accurate, it amazes me that Zionist critics of BDS never acknowledge US support for the Zionist movement. So they act like BDS activists convincing a grocery store not to carry Strauss Group hummus is a direct threat to world Jewry and ignore the actual damage that $3 billion annually of military aid to Israel does to Palestinians. Or when BDS activists object to a relationship between a U.S. university and an Israeli university which furthers the Zionist colonization project in Palestine is a “threatening ideas” while the Zionists prevent Palestinian scholars from traveling all the time. The object of BDS in the United States is not 1-state or 2-state: it’s ending our complicity in Zionist war crimes.

Hewlett Packard – Stop Supporting Israeli Apartheid


The Stop HP Coalition and member group Jewish Voice for Peace Bay Area held an action to raise awareness outside HP’s annual shareholder meeting in Mountain View, CA.

Jewish Voice for Peace Bay Area interact with Hewlett Packard shareholders


At HP’s annual shareholder meeting in Mountain View, CA, activists from the Stop HP Coalition and member group Jewish Voice for Peace Bay Area were able to interact with shareholders on their way into the meeting and were also interviewed by local media.

Letter-Writing Party for #BDS

Inspired by Amnesty International letter-writing, envelope-stuffing get-togethers, I’m planning a letter-writing party in support of the Palestinians’ call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions to pressure Israel into dismantling its apartheid system of colonialism in Palestine.

I’m creating a Google Doc which allows people to enter in their contact information.

Then I’m listing as many campaigns as I can, with links to detailed information about each and a copy of the letter that will be printed out.

After entering in contact information, the guest may either choose to accept all of the campaigns or read about each one and decide in which ones he or she would like to participate. If the person chooses to accept all, the form skips to the end and the registration process is completed. If the guest wants to review each campaign, the guest can follow the link to read about the campaign and then read the letter which the host will print on the guest’s behalf. If the guest wishes to personalize a letter, the guest has an opportunity to add a postscript.

The Google Doc produces a spreadsheet (accessible only to the owner of the Google Doc) which a Microsoft Word document, using the Mail Merge feature, accesses to produce the pre-addressed envelopes and the pre-printed letters.

The BDS party is then simply a matter of signing the letters, sealing the envelopes and using the opportunity to have fun and plan further Palestine-solidarity events.

As of August 31, 2011, I’m still working on the technical details. But as soon as I have everything working, I’m planning to adjust the settings of the Google document so that guests’ privacy is maintained and to publish the MS Word document(s) used in the mail merge and a document of instructions.

Contact me if you:

  1. Like this idea and want technical support to get it moving in your city.
  2. See that a campaign is not listed and you’d like it to be listed or if there has been a change and information for a specific campaign is inaccurate.
  3. Have suggestions to improve the way I’m doing this.

My hope is that this can be used in every city in North America to strengthen our support for Palestinians.