Turner County, Georgia is Prepared for Terrorism, or Why Didn’t I Get in on the Counter-Terrorism Boondoggle?

Update: January 1, 2019 – Support Jewish Voice for Peace End the Deadly Exchange efforts!

The Martin News reported (or reproduced a Robert Friedman press release) on July 19, 2017:

[Turner County] Sheriff Andy Hester has returned from Israel after an intensive two weeks of public safety and counterterrorism training with the country’s top policing executives. Hester was among a 20-member delegation of senior law enforcement officials from Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee who participated in the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange’s (GILEE) 25th annual peer-to-peer training program in partnership with Israel.

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Georgia State University (GSU) Students from the Progressive Student Alliance (PSA) and the Movement to End Israeli Apartheid – Georgia held a demonstration at GSU on Tuesday, October 12th to shut down the GILEE (Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange) Program which trains Georgia Law Enforcement in the illegal social control methods of the Israeli Police and Defense Forces.