Join the protest to Free Ahed Tamimi, fierce Palestinian young woman, and all Palestinian political prisoners.

When: 6:00pm on Tuesday January 30
Where: Israeli Consulate of Atlanta,1100 Spring St. NW, Atlanta,30309

We are celebrating her 17th birthday, her resistance to the 50 year Israeli occupation while calling for her release, and an end the detention and imprisonment of Palestinian political prisoners.

Act Now to Tell your lawmaker to support the bill to end Palestinian child detention and find out more about the No Way to Treat a Child Campaign.

Hosted by Jewish Voice for Peace-Atlanta Chapter and cosponsored by CAIR Georgia, Atlanta IWW General Defense Committee, Project South, Black Alliance for Peace, Georgia Green Party, Atlanta International Action Center, Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition-Statewide, A World Without Police, SURJ Atlanta: Showing Up for Racial Justice, Women Watch Afrika, Create Community 4 Decatur: Black Lives Matter, The Ruckus Society, Black Lives…

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Leo’s Coronation Tires – A Children’s Book for Belgian-Congolese Friendship!

If you want more information about the problems with this book, read this article from Atlanta Blackstar.

A friend on Facebook shared this article with this caption:

what could be the next installment in the series? “Trail of Smiles”?

I then suggested:

The Happy Rubber Gatherers of King Leopold’s Congo!

A friend of the original poster’s commented with additional details for the story. I thought that contribution worthy of publication on this blog! I wish I had been as clever.

King Leopold wanted new bicycle tires for his birthday – he loved to ride around his palace! Oh no! there was no rubber to be found in all of Belgium! But when his happy subjects in Congo heard this, they headed into the jungle to help the King have the best birthday ever! Follow the adventures of three companions, Bula Matari, Kurtz, and Mr. Native, as they learn lasting lessons about cooperation, depraved brutality, and the meaning of friendship.

Updated January 21, 2016

United States Encouraging Sectarian Tensions in SW Asia Since 2006

The United States has encouraged sectarian tensions in southwest Asia.

Here’s the full wikileaks document. Note it’s dated 2006. SARG stands for Syrian Arab Regime Government.

Wikileaks Document ID: 06DAMASCUS5399_a

Palestinian singer Mohamad Assaf responds to Israeli occupation army spokesperson Ovijaa Adraei’s ‘lies’

Tales of a City by the Sea

Palestinian singer Mohamad Assaf, a finalist in the Arab Idol TV show has responded to the Israeli occupation army spokesperson Avichay Adraee denying the allegation that he faced pressure to withdraw from the competition by the Hamas government in Gaza. According to Quds news Assaf wrote an angry response on Avichay Adraee’s Facebook page saying he regretted being forced to visit Adraee hateful page which reeked of lies and deception, but he felt he needed to respond.

Assaf wrote that neither him nor his family were threatened or pressured to withdraw and he pointed to how his pictures are hung everywhere in Gaza as proof that the people in Gaza support him. Assaf also responded to Adraee’s comment about him having a ‘brilliant’  voice saying what would really be ‘brilliant’ is if you stop killing our children and stop occupying our land so that our people can enjoy hearing our singing and not…

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Despite Shortcomings, ESPN’s E60 Reveals One Aspect of Apartheid Israel

ESPN’s E60 is an excellent sports news program. And as Dave Zirin wonderfully demonstrates, sports often reflects the underlying social structure.

Tonight’s season finale showed the extreme racism of some of the fans of the Israeli football (soccer) club Beitar towards Arabs. These fans call themselves El Familia.

The narration of the piece repeated many elements of Zionist propaganda:

Ilan Pappé has recently published The Top Ten Mythologies of Israel, which will give you a much more accurate picture of Israel’s ideology of Jewish supremacism.

The piece gave no context to the El Familia’s racism. It was as if the only manifestation of racism towards non-Jews in Israel was El Familia. The fact is, El Familia simply reflects the policies of successive Israeli governments since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.

And, like many US media pieces about Israel, it fails to mention that the United States provides $3 billion per year, plus other perks, to Israel.

Nevertheless, I’m sure ESPN and E60 will receive a lot of crap from people who hate that anything negative be broadcast in the United States about Israel. And I hope the reality of the footage and the interviews will help the reader navigate the fog the piece’s narration produced.

P.S. It’s now available online.

E:60 “BEITAR JERUSALEM” ~ JEREMY SCHAAP from Bluefoot Entertainment on Vimeo.

Lindsey Graham: US “blessing and Good Housekeeping Stamp of Approval” Keep Egypt on a Tight Leash

Senator Lindsey Graham of #SouthCarolina has #Egypt on a tight leash #Submarine @GrahamBlog

Senator Graham asserted that the USA’s “blessing and Good Housekeeping Stamp of Approval” were even more important to Egypt than the military aid the USA provides.

This is an excerpt from a question and answer session Senator Graham gave at the end of a talk in North Augusta, South Carolina on October 1, 2012. In the entire audio recording, this excerpt begins at 13:30 and ends at 18:29.

As an FYI, Amnesty International released a report October 2, 2012 detailing the human rights violations the Egyptian army committed since Husni Mubarak’s ouster. So US military aid to Egypt is hardly a gift to the Egyptian people.