There have been two critical developments in the LA TRAMACÚA PRISON, which was built with U.S. funds and input. We have learned of a brutal eight hour attack against the striking prisoners at La Tramacúa. The attacks occurred this weekend and have left five people in the hospital and at least 30 persons in need of medical attention. These aggressions are a blatant attempt to crush prisoner mobilizations demanding:

* An adequate supply of potable water;
* Clean food free of fecal contamination;
* Sanitary and functioning toilet facilities;
* An end to beatings and torture that target political prisoners;
* The closure of La Tramacúa.

Please respond to the Call to Action in the following section.

La Tramacúa #Prison Following Brutal Beatings of Inmates #Columbia #ActionAlert

Interview with Victim of FBI Raids in Minneapolis, Served with Subpoena to Testify Against Anti-war and International Solidarity Activists

Meredith Aby has been an anti-war and international solidarity activist since 1994. She started out doing student activism at Macalester College and with CISPES (the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador). In 1998 she helped found the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee which has helped lead the peace movement locally in challenging U.S. war and militarism in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Colombia, Palestine and Afghanistan. She has been on human rights delegations to Palestine and Colombia and leads work nationally through the Colombia Action Network. In 2008 she helped lead protests at the RNC on days one and four of the convention. Meredith does her activism as volunteer work and is a teacher in a Twin Cities high school. She is also the proud mother of the world’s cutest toddler.