Corey Robin’s “The Reactionary Mind” Sneaks into Georgia Public Library

I love the Georgia Pines Library system. For free, I can request books from any participating library in Georgia, and they would then be delivered to one of two libraries within 20 minutes drive of my home.

Most academic, critical, radical books are not available, however. I’m not sure why. Once a librarian told me that people don’t read academic press books. I’m sure academic press books are expensive, and the budgets our legislature provides are tight. Continue reading

Letter to U of Illinois Board of Trustees Urging Hiring of Steven Salaita

Based on the information Corey Robin provided regarding a September 11, 2014 meeting of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, I’ve e-mailed the trustees the following letter:

Dear Trustees,
I am writing to urge you complete the hiring of Professor Steven Salaita in the position the University of Illinois offered him in the Department of American Indian Studies.
When political appointees override hiring decisions of departments, they should not hide behind terms like “civility.” In the words of one of Professor Salaita’s criticized tweets, if the Board of Trustees doesn’t want Professor Salaita to have a job because of his political views, it should “own it.”
But I hope that the Board of Trustees will see the error of its current path and confirm Dr. Salaita in his position.
This link will populate your e-mail client with all the addressees Professor Robin identified with the subject header “U of Illinois Board of Trustees Should Complete Hiring of Steven Salaita.” You should then write your own letter. If you want to use my letter, use this link and add your name, address and phone number at the end.