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Who is a Moderate Muslim?

Published Date: 11/25/2010  |  Length: 52:47  |  Views: 290

There are Islamists and there are moderate Muslims. In our public parlance, the latter are the “good” and “reasonable” Muslims. But in a world of 1.5 billion Muslims, the division between Islamists and moderate Muslims leaves many nuances invisible. If the vast majority of Muslims fall into the moderate camp, then there must be many shades of moderation to be discerned. Who is a modern, moderate Muslim?

Who is a Moderate Muslim? Panel Discussion on Canadian TV

In the city of Mahalla the crowds had gathered in a football stadium to look on as Egypt’s parliamentary votes were being counted to ensure that the counting would not be rigged.

The city was already tense after several polling stations were illegally shut.

Violence has marred Egypt’s parliamentary elections with hundreds of opposition supporters battling police at vote counting stations.

There are no exit polls to indicate who is likely to win the vote, but what most people predict is more clashes and violence regardless of who the winner is.

Al Jazeera’s Jamal Elshayyal sent this exclusive report.

Operation Flintlock in #Niger #USA #GWOT #Democracy

What I think the issue is, as I’ve said here, is that AFRICOM is taking a very narrow view of “prevention” – that the strengthening of security apparatuses is a quick, obvious, and flawed way of preventing a group like al-Qaeda from gaining a foothold. As I stated, I don’t think it can work on its own in the long run, and that the way Flintlock and related projects are being carried out is going to make a sustainable answer harder, not easier, to implement.

Operation Flintlock in #Niger #USA #GWOT #Democracy