Chris Hedges: Rebellion is Our Only Hope

This is an audio recording of  a Chris Hedges speech. You can temporarily download the .mp3 audio file directly, and I have created a torrent so that the file floats on the internet in perpetuity.

This talk was given on March 29, 2014 before the Connecticut American Civil Liberties Union.

The introductory text on YouTube is:

Chris Hedges speaks on 3/29/2014 at the “One Nation Under Surveillance” civil liberties conference at CCSU in CT. He’s introduced by Mongi Dhaouadi, Executive Director of CAIR-CT. Hedges was one of he plaintiffs in a suit against the government “indefinite detention” policy.

He’s a former Middle East bureau chief of the New York Times

He’s written “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt”, “What Every Person Should Know About War”, “War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning”, and other books. The Struggle #531

He’s a columnist at… give some of the description of the lawsuit.

a few days later Snowden’s lawyer spoke here

Ann Wright Speaking in Aiken, SC

Col. (Ret.) Ann Wright spoke in Aiken, SC on November 19, 2012. This is a recording of most of her talk, until my cell phone battery ran out.

The focus of her talk was her experience as a government employee in the United States military and Department of State and the important role government employees play in blowing the whistle on malfeasance.

You can read more about this topic in her book entitled Dissent: Voices of Conscience.

If you don’t have Adobe Flash, download the MP3 audio file here.