Reed Creek is a treasure for Augusta, GA!

The Reed Creek Nature Park and Interpretive Center is minutes from my house, and I just returned from a program there called “Survival 101,” delivered by Nate, a knowledgeable employee of the center. I’m kicking myself for not visiting this place earlier.

Kudos to Columbia County Parks & Recreation Department. I hope to benefit from this park more in the future!

Lost in Palm Oil and Other Environmentalist Films on Ironweed Film Club No 56

Lost in Palm Oil by Inge Altemeier, 43 minutes

The Sustainable Star by ABC Australia, 20 minutes. A longer, 28-minute version is available on YouTube from journeymanpictures.

The Legacy of Exxon Valdez by Woody Landay, 14 minutes

Birth of a Movement by Paul Lynch, 8 minutes