Anti-Advanced Placement US History Movement at Georgia Capitol

Updated April 21, 2015: Call for papers for panel addressing this and related issues.

I was in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday lobbying against SB 129, a Religious Freedom Restoration Act which would license individuals and businesses to defy government regulation to discriminate against others. While lobbying, I ran into a paid lobbyist asking legislators to restrict use of the College Board’s Advanced Placement United States History Exam. When I requested information from her about the exam’s defects, she provided this document, which I scanned. SR 80 is Senate Resolution 80, which the Georgia Senate passed and which its House may pass any day. I don’t have time to discuss all the scary ramification of this document and the movement it represents, but I wanted to pass this on to others ASAP. Continue reading

Symposium on Science Education

I recently finished listening to an abridged version of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species. I had always accepted the scientific theory of evolution as a good way for conducting science, but I’d only studied it sporadically. I don’t remember learning about it in high school, and my poor high school science education made me scared to take science classes in college. The book’s thesis’s organization impressed me a great deal. Continue reading

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