Allen, Barrow Debate Reveals Limitations of Two-Party System

On September 27 in Evans, the Democratic Party and Republic Party nominees for the November 2014 General Election to the position of Representative to the United States Congress of Georgia’s 12th District, John Barrow and Rick Allen, respectively, answered questions posed by moderator Steve Crawford of the Columbia County News Times. They discussed defense spending, government surveillance, resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other issues. Continue reading

Recordings of GA12 Debate Between Rick Allen and John Barrow

Updated Sep 30: A video recording of the debate is available on YouTube, courtesy of Alan Wood of Georgia Macon Watch.

Updated Sep 29: I submitted a column to the Urban Pro Weekly, and the sources I used are at the bottom:

Yesterday, Georgia’s 12th District Republic Nominee Rick Allen and Democratic Nominee John Barrow debated.

This is a low res vid you can download directly.

An audio file, with the first 5 minutes or so missing, is available for direct download.

Sources used in the Urban Pro Weekly column.