I Independently Came Up with a Sudoku Heuristic. Yeah, me!

78d5be370952736fcf5e2de8d9b491c7A little accomplishment of which I’m proud: I devised a new Sudoku heuristic. I’m going to try to explain it to see if I can do so economically. I am sure others have figured this out and published it in books. But honestly, I came up with this independently. Yeah, me!

If two squares in any row or column or section may only be x or y, no other squares in that row or column or section, respectively, can be x or y.

Note: A section is a 3 square by 3 square group of squares which must contain one and only one of each digit 1-9.

My favorite site to play Sudoku is WebSudoku.com. I was playing my first Level Medium game when I came up with this heuristic to help me solve the puzzle.

Is heuristic the right word for it? Or is it rule? Or something else.

P.S. I did this while listening to my Pandora channel, New Jack Hustler (Nino’s Theme).