BTVS “A New Man,” S4E12 Anticipated GITMO

Ethan Rayne, played by Robin Sachs (d. 2013), was a recurring human villain in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Seasons 2-4. In his final appearance in A New Man (S4E12, January 2000), when Buffy captures him after his latest round of malevolence, he taunts her by reminding her that the Slayer is not allowed to kill humans. He doesn’t realize that the Slayer has become ensnared in the national security state, personified by Riley (played by Marc Blucas), her new significant other and a high ranking officer in the Initiative, a secret project which, we learn later in the season, is developing a part-demon parts, part-machine, part-human super soldier. Continue reading

Support Hunger Strikers at Guanatamo

Guantanamo Prisoners by codepinkhq on Flickr.

Code Pink Pictures of Support for Gitmo Hunger Strikers

Guantanamo solidarity picphoto.JPGphoto (1).JPG#fast4gitmo

Solidarity with Guantanamo Hunger Strikers, a set by codepinkhq on Flickr.

General Flustercluck Receives Orders from POTUS, who has to fight off progressive fantasy old rhetoric

#Cartoon General Flustercluck Receives Orders from #POTUS, who has to fight off #progressive fantasy old rhetoric