San Francisco Sessions 2001 * Food not Bombs * by Sterneck on Flickr.

Food not Bombs!

“Friends” is possibly a better word to use when speaking of the homeless in Atlanta. The homeless men, women & children of this city have captured my heart. I want to do everything I can to draw attention to their world and the decisions being made that affect them. This Film is about sharing everything I can connected to subject of homelessness in Atlanta. It is intended to be a resource to anyone interested in the subject. Please share any articles, stories, or photos you may come across connected to this documentary. POST OR SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH FRIENDS. Let’s together get informed so we can together make change…. yours truly, Kelvin E. Hawkins Sr.

A Tale of 2 Water Bills in Georgia

#Augusta subsidizes a private golf course for the rich. #Atlanta tries to close a homeless shelter over a disputed unpaid water bill.

The city notified the Task Force it had forgotten to bill them for over eight thousand dollars in October 2008, according to the letter obtained by IPS. Despite numerous attempts by the Task Force to get the city to document what the charges are for, they have never received any documentation.

Update from Augusta, May 16, 2012: Augusta raises rates for Forest Hills golf course to the same it charges for public golf courses

You are invited to participate in the 22nd Annual Homeless Memorial Day and Requiem in Atlanta, Monday, November 1st

10:00 am Gather at Peachtree & Pine-coffee and donuts served
11:00 am March to City Hall with coffins
12:00 pm Rally at City Hall ( Bring signs and banners!)
5:30 pm Gather at the Cathedral of St. Phillip- dinner served to approximately 1,000 homeless individuals.
7:30 pm Requiem Mass at Cathedral of St. Phillip- leaders of all faith communities will participate.

For more information contact Anita Beaty, 404-729-5366, or check our Facebook, YouTube channel, and website.