United States Encouraging Sectarian Tensions in SW Asia Since 2006

The United States has encouraged sectarian tensions in southwest Asia.

Here’s the full wikileaks document. Note it’s dated 2006. SARG stands for Syrian Arab Regime Government.

Wikileaks Document ID: 06DAMASCUS5399_a

Humanitarian Intervention – Imperialism II’s Crier Proclaims Its Propaganda

See how the strategy game Imperialism II captures the spirit of humanitarian intervention and Responsibility to Protect!

Did you know I’ve written an Imperialism II Strategy Guide?

Despite Pleas for Peace with Iran, Lindsey Graham Continues Sabre-Rattling

JAG Lorraine Barlett pleads to Sen Lindsey Graham to avoid war w #Iran, @GrahamBlog justifies saber-rattling

This is an excerpt from a question and answer session Senator Graham gave at the end of a talk in North Augusta, South Carolina on October 1, 2012. In the entire audio recording, this excerpt begins at 5:46 and ends at 12:17.

Congressman Joe Wilson added a few remarks after Senator Graham finished.

Congressman Joe Wilson asserts that Iran intends to exterminate entire population of Israel

#SouthCarolina District2 @CongJoeWilson asserts that #Iran intends to exterminate entire population of #Israel. This comes at 4:30 in this recording of a meeting in North Augusta, SC, October 1, 2012 featuring Congressman Wilson and Senator Lindsey Graham.

US Security Class and N African-SW Asian Revolutions

This blog entry contains sources I cited and supplemental sources in my talk at the University of South Carolina’s Amnesty International chapter meeting on the Arab Spring.

Arms transfers to North Africa – Southwest Asia

Christians in Egypt

Egyptians providing media content in English

Others providing media content in English

Photos on Flickr


10 things USA activists can do to support the revolutions!

Should Progressives Support the Government of #Libya? #Revolution or #Counterrevolution

A friend raised to me questions about Libya’s revolution. I tried to gather materials which the point of view which defends the Libyan government or criticizes the rebels.

I don’t necessarily subscribe to these views.


As U.S. warships near Libya, Danger of Imperialist Military Intervention Grows

US, British and French military advisers have arrived in #Cyrenaica, #Libya eastern breakaway province http://bit.ly/e7Kmjn

Libya is not Egypt and all rebellions are not Revolutions! Hands off Libya, Hands off Africa! Statement of All-African People’s Revolutionary Party

Pan-African News Wire

Two-hour discussion on Atlanta’s WRFG, March 7, 2011


Peter Beinart, “The Icarus Syndrome,” interviewed by Mike Allen, The Politico

In “The Icarus Syndrome,” Peter Beinart discusses how each American generation’s perception of war is shaped by the times in which they came of age.  Americans who grew up in prosperous peaceful times are more inclined to think of U.S. military success as a foregone conclusion, while those who lived through tumultuous times are less likely to favor U.S. military action.  Mr. Beinart tests his theory by examining the World War I era, the Vietnam era and the present wars on Iraq and Afghanistan.  He’s interviewed by Mike Allen of The Politico.