Would Mutual Friends Address My Former Friend’s Islamophobic Comment on Facebook?

I moved back to my hometown of Augusta, Georgia 13 years ago after an absence of 18 years, except for visits. Shortly thereafter, I bumped into a person whom I considered a friend from high school. We exchanged pleasantries and became friends on Facebook. At some point, this former friend (“FF”) objected to some of my political posts, and, after some online back-and-forth on these matters, we stopped being friends on Facebook (and I don’t remember who “defriended” whom), although we do have mutual friends there. We haven’t, to my knowledge, met again IRL. Continue reading

Should Progressives Support the Government of #Libya? #Revolution or #Counterrevolution

A friend raised to me questions about Libya’s revolution. I tried to gather materials which the point of view which defends the Libyan government or criticizes the rebels.

I don’t necessarily subscribe to these views.


As U.S. warships near Libya, Danger of Imperialist Military Intervention Grows

US, British and French military advisers have arrived in #Cyrenaica, #Libya eastern breakaway province http://bit.ly/e7Kmjn

Libya is not Egypt and all rebellions are not Revolutions! Hands off Libya, Hands off Africa! Statement of All-African People’s Revolutionary Party

Pan-African News Wire

Two-hour discussion on Atlanta’s WRFG, March 7, 2011