Playlist of Songs Featured in AMC’s Series “Hip Hop”

AMC’s series Hip Hop: The Songs that Shook America consisted of 6 episodes in 2019. Each episode examined a “text” which tells how Hip Hop/rap music grew into the art form we know today and reached its current popularity. The fifth episode introduced the “rap battle,” so I’ve included 3 songs for that episode. So here’s the 8-song play list I made using Spotify.

I’m no rap aficionado, so the series exposed me to much I hadn’t known.

International News Report on George the Small’s Defense of His “Decisions” Former US president George W. Bush has released his new memoirs in which he talks about and defends key decisions made during his 8-year tenure in the White House. In the book the often controversial former leader talks about why he went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan and his decision to authorize waterboarding.

George W Bush: Shut the fuck up!

I’ve seen snippets of George W Bush on TV related to his memoirs. Apparently, the worst thing during his 8 years was Kanye West calling him out.

The worst thing for us humans was enduring 8 years of suffering from the decisions of George the Small and his cronies.

Go back to your suburban Dallas mansion. Whatever pension you get from us taxpayers, can we double it on the condition we never have to hear your ignorance and see your beady eyes?